Together, Duffy and Waldrip Share Journey From Temp to All-Star

By Greg Joyce

They both came in as temporary players, uncertain of how long their stay on the Cape would be. They both played well enough to earn full contracts. They usually play next to each other on the diamond, and hit back-to-back in the Orleans Firebirds lineup. They are roommates and have developed a great friendship, on and off the field. And on Friday, they will both shine under the bright lights of Fenway Park for the 2011 Cape Cod Baseball League All-Star Game. Together.

Matt Duffy (Long Beach State) and Ben Waldrip (Jacksonville State) have done nearly everything together during their summer on the Cape. Although they may have different playing styles, their success has been off the charts, exemplifying what the Cape League is all about: players who come in and turn heads, making a name for themselves. Duffy and Waldrip have certainly done that in Orleans, as they have become household names with their performances every night. Now with both being named to the All-Star team, they are starting to get recognized league-wide. After going through leaps and bounds just to get a chance to play on the Cape, both Duffy and Waldrip are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

Getting to the Cape

The road to the Cape was not easy for either player.

Duffy knew he wanted to be playing for a Cape League team this summer, and worked for it all year long at Long Beach State.

“I pushed with my coaches to try to get me out here on the Cape for a long time,” Duffy said. “Our infield coach and third base coach at Long Beach, Jesse Zepeda, really fought to get me out here too. He did everything he could: made calls, every day, every week.”

The determination paid off, as Duffy was finally offered a temporary contract by Orleans field manager Kelly Nicholson, after other teams passed over him.

Waldrip had a similar story in terms of trying to get a roster spot. After putting up stellar numbers in his freshman season at St. Anselm’s, the big man was not even invited to try out to play on the Cape.

“It was kind of a bummer,” Waldrip said about not getting the invite.

In his sophomore year, Waldrip was coming off surgery and played for Y-D field manager Scott Pickler at Cypress College. But not even Pickler would give Waldrip a shot on the Cape, and he was forced to play in the New England Collegiate Baseball League instead.

“It was kind of like people were always saying ‘You’re not good enough to play in this league,’” Waldrip said.

Finally after putting up more impressive numbers in his junior year at Jacksonville State, Waldrip was offered the temporary contract.

“I talked to Kelly on the phone, and he was like, ‘We need a temporary first baseman,’” Waldrip explained. “So I was like, ‘If I hit, will I stick around?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah we’ll keep you as long as we can.’ But realistically, I figured at some point I’d be released.”

“And everyone was saying, ‘Oh, you’re just gonna be here for a couple weeks,’” he said.

Given what it took for them just to get temporary contracts, Duffy and Waldrip both came in with a chip on their shoulder. In a league filled with guys from big-name schools and powerhouse conferences, both players knew they had something to prove.

“I have a huge chip on my shoulder, any time we play any teams,” Duffy said. “It’s like I have to prove myself every day, cause none of these coaches wanted to take me on a temp [contract], let alone a full [contract].”

“Right, and in a way that’s been cool for me too,” Waldrip added. “None of the other teams would ever take me in my first two years of summer ball. It’s nice to come out and finally just show who you are and play against the teams who never wanted to take you.

“[Coming from] smaller schools, you have to come down here and kind of make a name for yourself. Cause people are like, ‘Oh, where’s that school?’ I like it in a way. You’re not being known for where you come from. You’re making your own impression on the people, and they’re gonna like you for what kind of player you are, not just where you go to school.”

Unsure Times

After working so hard just to get temporary contracts, Duffy and Waldrip knew from the moment they arrived in Orleans that their days there could be numbered.

“I didn’t really have a ton of expectations coming in, just trying to stick around for as long as I could,” Duffy said.

“Coming in, we were living together, so every night we were kind of talking about what we were gonna do if we got released or when we got released,” Waldrip said. “We were just kind of coming out every day, doing the best we could to just stick around day to day and hopefully impress enough people that we’d get the opportunity to stick around.”

Right from the beginning of the season, Duffy and Waldrip turned heads. And they didn’t just impress fans; they impressed their coaches and teammates alike.

Duffy began the season hitting in the bottom third of the lineup, but by the end of June, he had taken over the leadoff spot and was the team’s best hitter. On top of that, he showed he could play at shortstop, third base, or second base, proving to be a valuable and versatile player early on.

Waldrip recorded his first home run of the year on June 17 in Falmouth, and never looked back after that. His second bomb came two nights later, an opposite field shot that seemed like it was still rising when it hit the netting over the 350’ sign in left field.

The early success of the two temps was showcased best in a win against Brewster on June 25, as Duffy and Waldrip drove in all five runs for Orleans. It was after the game that many people started focusing on how the Firebirds could keep both guys around, with final rosters due on July 1.

Both players knew of the deadline, and were just hoping for a full contract from Nicholson.

“The whole time, I’d ask Kelly, you know, ‘If you’re gonna release me, I understand, I just need to know so I can either try to catch on somewhere else down here or go to some other league,’” Waldrip said.

Getting the Call

It was Duffy who found out first that he’d be sticking around for the whole summer, and Waldrip found out a few days later. Having stuck together through the first month of the season, it was only fitting that the two went in to sign their full contracts at the same time.

“It was pretty cool cause we had kind of gone through the whole thing together,” Duffy said.

Finally knowing they were safe on the team, Duffy and Waldrip were able to just focus on baseball, and the two continued to perform at the highest level.

“This whole summer’s kind of surpassed expectations,” Duffy said. “We just kind of came in going day to day, trying to stick around each day. What it’s turned into is definitely not something I expected it to.”

For Waldrip, the summer has been a dream come true as well, but for a slightly different reason. Growing up in Medford, Mass., he spent his summers watching games on the Cape, hoping some day he too would get to don one of the jerseys himself.

“Growing up around the Cape, spending summers down here, I always wanted to play in this league,” Waldrip said. “So getting the opportunity to come down and play in the league, I just wanted to one, have fun, and two, just get away from everything, just play baseball, and not worry about anything except baseball. It all ended up working out.”

The All-Star Nod

When Duffy and Waldrip arrived at Eldredge Park together in Waldrip’s truck last Friday, their teammate Maxx Tissenbaum (Stony Brook) came up to them with the big news: that morning, they had both been named starters on the 2011 Cape League Eastern Division All-Star team.

“We pulled up to the field, and Tissenbaum walked up and said congratulations,” Waldrip said.

“That was pretty cool,” Duffy added. “Going through everything together, the same kind of path, both having pretty good success. Making the All-Star team was kind of just icing on the cake.”

The two will make the trip to Fenway Park on Friday night to represent Orleans and the Eastern division with teammates Trevor Gott (Kentucky) and Tyler Johnson (Stony Brook). Waldrip will be the starting first baseman, while Duffy will be over at shortstop.

Their selections were well deserved, and their manager was their biggest advocate in the process.

“I’ve been up here for seven summers as a manager, and I told Matt Duffy and Ben Waldrip, I’ve never walked out of an All-Star meeting more happy,” Nicholson said the night of the selection. “Two temporary guys that are starting in the All-Star game. It’s a great story. And they’re roommates. They’re hall of fame kids. High, high-character young men. I couldn’t be happier. It couldn’t happen to two better guys. I’m really, really happy for them.”

They wont be playing right next to each other or batting one after the other as they usually do on a nightly basis with the Firebirds, but they will be there together. It wouldn’t have happened any other way.

Roommates, Brothers

During their first week in Orleans, Duffy and Waldrip were living in a house with Tissenbaum, but eventually moved into their current house with the vonThaden family, where they have been together all along the way.

“It was kind of weird because we were the two temp guys and [Tissenbaum] was on a full [contract],” Waldrip said. “I’m sure he didn’t understand a lot of the things we were going through.”

Throughout the summer, Duffy and Waldrip have been able to grow close, whether it is at the field or just in downtime at their house.

“[Early on], we were always hanging out with each other, talking, getting to know each other, and we grew real close, especially dealing with the same things all summer,” Waldrip said.

“Just going through the whole summer with him, [he is] kind of like a brother now,” Duffy said.

The two feel lucky for the way their living situation has worked out, as they have grown close not only with each other, but with the vonThaden family as well.

“We’ve had a great time,” Waldrip said. “We’ve been fortunate enough to stay with the vonThadens. We couldn’t have asked for a better setup and a better host family than what they are for us. We’ve had the best opportunity to have our own place and come together and bond. Not just me and Matt, but the host family too.”

“And with the whole living situation, it makes it so much easier just to relax and play baseball,” Duffy added.

As for the roommate dynamics?

“He’s soft,” Duffy said jokingly of Waldrip, as the two broke into laughter. “I’m kidding. It’s been pretty good. I wouldn’t say I’m messy, but I’d say I’m a messier roommate than he is. He’s not too tough to deal with.”

Looking Ahead

There is still more baseball to be played for Duffy, Waldrip, and the Firebirds, with the playoffs just around the corner. Of course, Duffy and Waldrip are a huge reason why the Birds are even talking about postseason baseball, as on many nights throughout the season they have carried their team to victories.

With four regular season games left on the schedule, Duffy and Waldrip have lit up the stat sheet on a nightly basis. Duffy has slid into the three-spot in the lineup, and is hitting a team-high .331 at the plate. Meanwhile, Waldrip is tied for the league-lead in home runs with six, and leads the Firebirds with 20 RBI. The two have combined for 70 hits, 23 runs, and 32 RBI. The 70 hits are almost a quarter of the team’s hits on the season, a ridiculous stat for any two players, not to mention two temps.

Although they have been identical in everything they have done this summer, Duffy and Waldrip may go down different paths after the season is over.

Having just finished his sophomore year at Long Beach State, Duffy will head back there for his junior season and will be eligible for next year’s MLB draft.

“I’ve still got another year of school, and I don’t know,” Duffy said. “We’ll see what happens in the draft. I haven’t really talked to anybody too much about expectations or where I’m supposed to go or even if I’m supposed to go. So I’m just kind of playing it by ear, gonna work towards the spring, and try to have a good season next year at Long Beach.”

As for Waldrip, the Kansas City Royals’ 40th-round draft pick from this past June will have some decisions to make.

“I’ve heard multiple times talking to the Royals this summer, that they got upset, saying, ‘We feel like you have a chip on your shoulder,’” Waldrip said. “And I was like, ‘Well, you know, I do in a way.’ Because they didn’t want to sign me at the beginning of the summer. They thought I wasn’t good enough.”

With the amazing summer that Waldrip has had, the Royals are now in hot pursuit of the first baseman, but nothing has been decided upon yet. Last week, a report from the Cape Cod Times surfaced that Waldrip would be signing with Kansas City right after the All-Star game, however Big Ben has said otherwise.

“That’s not true,” he said on Tuesday night. “Their scouting director is quoted in it, and we had talked and they haven’t negotiated anything different with me. So I told him I wasn’t gonna take the initial offer, and they haven’t negotiated.

“Whoever wrote it should have called me or something to find out the truth,” added Waldrip while laughing.

Waldrip has until August 15th to decide whether or not he wants to sign with the Royals, and will likely have more serious talks with them after the end of the season.

“They didn’t really want to sign me at the beginning of the summer, and now they’ve been coming on hotter because I’ve been playing well,” he said. “Definitely by [August 15th] I’ll have a decision. Money’s gonna play a big part in it, whatever they’re willing to offer. I still have another year of school left, so if I don’t end up signing, then I’ll go back to school for my last year, hopefully stay healthy, and get drafted higher next year.”

With such a big decision weighing on his shoulders, Waldrip isn’t quite ready to end his memorable summer in Orleans just yet.

“I’ve had a ton of fun this summer, living with Duff, coming here every day playing baseball with the fans, the atmosphere that Orleans has, and I’d like to finish out the summer,” Waldrip said.

Nothing is certain in the futures of either Duffy or Waldrip, but then again, that’s how their summer in Orleans began. As is the case for many baseball players, they never really know what’s next. With so many uncertainties to deal with, the two can at least take solace in one definite thing: their common bonds.

Two unknowns, two temps, two roommates, two friends-turned-brothers, and now, two All-Stars. Matt Duffy and Ben Waldrip have both accomplished so much in just two months on the Cape, and they have done it all together.


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